Soothing Eye Mask

Soothing Eye Mask

In the modern work environment, it is inevitable to strain your eyes while engaging in numerous tasks that demand a lot of concentration and attention to detail. Whether you are a self-employed individual creating your own crafts at home or you are employed in a position that constrains you to the computer for long hours, at the end of the workday your eyes will be exhausted.

The commercially available alternative to the soothing mask is the cooling eye gel. The major deficiency is the difficulty one has to endure to spread the pharmaceutical gel to all areas of the eyeball for uniform cooling. Furthermore, you have to continually roll your eyeballs to force the gel into areas that are obstructed by the eyelids which somehow leads to an uncomfortable experience.

This necessitates the use of a soothing eye mask. Moreover, soothing eye masks have the extra benefit of gently compressing the eyes in addition to even cooling. However, most people are still unaware that it is possible to create this helpful item. Since our mission here is to promote creativity, we have developed a simple guideline for making soothing eye masks.

First, you can download and print a template and tutorial for the eye mask. Then collect all relevant tools and materials that are required by the task as directed by your tutorial. The fabric should be cleaned and ironed before sewing because it is not recommended to wash the completed product. To increase the soothing effect, use the satin material to create the part of the mask that is in contact with the eyes.


  • Pin two layers of fabric together.
  • Trace the outline.
  • Sew around the outline.
  • Cut the mask from the fabric
  • Leave an allowance for turning it inside out and filling.

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