Floor Mat Knitting


Floor Mat Knitting

A braided cotton rope can be used to knit a beautiful floor mat for the entrance of your home. The mat gifts the room with instant coziness and warmth in addition to bolstering your standing as an artist to neighbours and friends. The rope that is suitable for the project must be crochet-able and knit-able, and examples include the T-shirt yarn or the super chunky yarn. Moreover, the rope diameter, yarn, and tension affect the final dimensions of the mat. Therefore, these are important parameters that you should not ignore.

Materials and tools

  • Scissors
  • Needles and the sewing thread for linking the ropes
  • Knitting needle with a diameter of 12mm
  • Braided cotton clothesline measuring 7/32” by 200’



The appropriate knitting pattern is forty stitches in a long tail cast configuration. However, you can adjust the number of stitches depending on the nature of your needle.

  • Knit on the wrong and right sides to produce a garter stitch configuration until the rope nears the finishing end by 2-3 rows, or approximately row 105.
  • Apply the basic knit to bind off the mat.
  • Conceal the ends of the yarn.
  • Wet the product to block it and fine-tune the knit until the shape of the mat assumes a rectangular appearance.
  • Place the wet mat on a dry towel that is spread on the floor and allow it to dry.

If you desire to take a short break during the project, it is advisable to stop halfway through a row to ensure that the needles do not interfere with the overcrowded stitches. Additionally, fold the incomplete and tie both needles with an elastic band to protect the stitches from unravelling.

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