Pattern Contest

Pattern Contest

We are pleased to inform all our beloved visitors that we have launched a craft creation contest that aims at rewarding you for your talent. Participating is a very straightforward process. First, follow us on Instagram. Secondly, create a fascinating craft which might be a mat, pendant, keychain, necklace or any other piece of art. Thirdly, upload it on your timeline with the hashtag top crafts and tag our account. Finally, endorse your work to generate a lot of likes that will earn you recognition from the jury. The design that attracts most likes will earn the ultimate reward.

Every participant can win one of three rewards as long as the design satisfies our quality conditions. First, the design should be well executed and professionally designed. Moreover, the design concept should be original. Furthermore, the photo of the product should be clear and accompanied by a clear description. You are free to upload any number of designs you are capable of creating although it is wise to begin with a smaller design.


The most impressive designs stand a chance of winning unique rewards including virtual reality equipment, a Haley Davidson motorbike or expensive stereo systems. The price will be decorated with your beautiful pattern.


  • Apply your pattern to a physical object.
  • You can post multiple designs.
  • Desist from providing identical designs.
  • If a design is created by a team, it should be submitted on an individual account.
  • The website is free to utilize a design from a participant for promotional use.
  • Cheating, plagiarism, and foul play are precursors to elimination from the contest.
  • The prizes vary in monetary value and the type of prize rewarded relies on the level of acclaim a design attracts.
  • It is the duty of a contestant to respond to the judges.

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