How to Use Synthetic Urine for A Drug Test

Drug Test

How to Use Synthetic Urine for A Drug Test

While striving to pass a urine drug test, there are a couple of measures that you may have tried over time with no valuable success. One of the common ways used is detox products whose success rate is not very appealing. The other choice is diluting your urine with chemicals such as vinegar or even adulteration products. These are some of the different uses of synthetic urine in modern days.

You can also opt for dilution where you add water, lowering the drug ration in your urine. Another option is the substitution where you use your “clean” friend’s pee to beat the drug test. Such procedures are not always ideal, and when dealing with a tough urine drug test, the chances are that you will fail.

Practical And Straightforward Urine Test Hack

When faced by a drug test problem, do not worry as there is a safe and efficient way to get better results. Well, it is no secret that many people use fake pee for drug tests. Synthetic urine has become one of the indispensable products that have helped people deal with drug tests. Still wondering how to use synthetic urine for a drug test? Here is what you need to keep in mind.


One of the major challenges while using fake pee for drug tests is the temperature concept. While real pee hits between 94°F to 96°F, you may need to raise or lower synthetic urine to capture the right temperature. Some brands, however, come with special kit pads or powder to ease the process.

Synthetic Urine Composition

While color, odor, and temperature may be all you considered while choosing the right fake pee for drug tests, there is more to it. Elements such as the PH and gravity levels, uric acid, urea, and creatine are essential. Before settling for a brand, check the reviews and only purchase from a reputable source. Also, ensure that the components used are up to date since old ones will easily get caught by the modern drug test equipment.

The Risk

While getting busted is a tough concept especially for a beginner, jumping the hoops is easy. After ascertaining that the elements, as well as temperature, are right, the next step is submitting the sample. Some tests are not very strict, so submitting the sample could be just like a walk in the park. However, others are strict, and you need to conceal your fake pee properly to pass it as the real deal successfully.

If the test is highly supervised, consider pee belts to ease the task. Other devices such as Whizzinator may also come in handy. Remember to keep the fake pee for drug tests in a manner that does not compromise the temperatures.

Though making your own fake pee for drug tests is possible, it is easier to purchase from a reputable source. You can order synthetic urine either in powder or premixed.

Do not let a simple drug issue compromise your opportunities; use synthetic urine for a drug test properly and live to enjoy the benefits.

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