Wine Rack Ideas for Your Home

Wine Rack Ideas

Wine Rack Ideas for Your Home

If you are a wine lover and the kind that buys wine luggage for airplane travel, you need a rack to store your wine that represents your style or complements the interior design of your house.

There are very many wine rack designs. Some are simple and laid back while others are contemporary and luxurious in design. Some have a high storage capacity while some can only hold a few bottles.

Whichever your style or choice is, here are some of the best wine racks to choose from:

The Wall Mounted Wine Rack

This wine rack is designed by DIY Network. It is ideal if your wine luggage is huge.

The rack is designed to be mounted on the wall. The style is modular, and you can create any number of modular units depending on the number of bottles you want to store or the size of your wall.

The wine rack plan package includes a materials list, a tools list, building guidelines with photos, and videos to help you build the rack.

HGTV’s Primitive Wine Rack Plan

This an easy to build, simple wine rack plan. It has a unique design and plays its part in conserving the environment as it is mostly made up of reclaimed wood or lumber.

It will not take you a whole day to build this primitive wine rack.

Lowe’s Countertop Wine Rack Plan

If you want a budget-friendly wine rack, this countertop wine rack is the best choice. It is stylish and ideal for people joining the ‘home wine club’ for the first time. It is created for kitchen storage.

It takes less than 5 hours to set up the rack. The plan has directions with diagrams and cutting lists to assist you through the building process.

Rogue Engineer’s Simple Wine Rack Plan

This wine rack is a modern design with a touch of the traditional models. Confusing, yes, but you can check it out and see for yourself. Its mixed design makes it compatible with many if not all designs. You can mount it in any room, and it will look beautiful.

With a tool list, a materials list, and instructions with diagrams included in the plan, it will only take you a smoke break to build and mount it.

DIY Wine Rack Plan

This wine rack is created and designed by The Kurtz Corner. This is an excellent plan if you are looking for a wine rack that can store your wine bottles and your wine glasses.

It is made from wood pallets shaped and finished to look stylish.

The rack has space for at least 8 wine bottles and hanging cuts that can hold several wine glasses.

You can have some father-son time building this rack as it is a straightforward, simple plan. If it gets complicated, there are building guidelines with photos and a list of materials you will need.

There are many other free wine rack plans available. The best part is that they are not complicated to build and provide a cheaper option of buying a wine rack.

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