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Hi, My name is Suzanne Robinson, otherwise known as the Burlap Bag Lady. As a busy Mum of 3 boys, when I have time, I love to create easy to follow, quick and fun, sewing patterns for beginners, in my studio. When I first started sewing 20 years ago, I used to end up with piles of UFO’s (Un Finished Items) all around my house. I found that commercial sewing patterns were often too complicated and too time consuming for my lifestyle. Since having children, my life has become even more hectic so I have even less time to sew than I used to. This is why I have created a range of sewing patterns for other time poor beginner sewers out there, that want to sew and have fun, but with minimal time commitment. Most of my patterns can be completed in under an hour, and require very little sewing knowledge or experience. I design my sewing patterns so that even the most novice sewer can follow them. I always include simple step by step instructions and also include colour photographs detailing each step of the way. And most of all my sewing patterns make sewing fun! They are so simple that you can create something wonderful in under an hour thus building confidence and enthusiasm. My patterns have been published in major craft magazines such as Handmade in Australia. I also write a sewing blog called the Burlap Bag Lady where I share with you my journey of sewing and crafting with Burlap to create new and unique pieces for my home. Your welcome to stop by anytime for some Burlap inspiration. So Thankyou for visiting, be sure to browse around my store and I hope you find the perfect sewing pattern for you. Until next time Happy Sewing!