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Quilted In Honor (QIH), led by Island Batik, is a fund raising initiative for Operation Homefront, one of the top military fund raising organizations, and is intended to harness the collective power of the quilting industry to give back to the ones that need it most. Individually, each organization could donate something, but if we all worked together to support this outstanding organization – what could we really achieve?

The overarching goal of the initiative is for the quilting industry to come together as a whole to support our returning veterans and their families. Operation Homefront was chosen to be the beneficiary of the Quilted In Honor project because of their programs, their top rank among military charities in the United States, and because of the need they have expressed for quilts and quilted projects. It’s a perfect partnership for the quilting industry and one that aligns both our industry focus and our grass roots infrastructure to drive as much involvement as possible.