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About Stephanie Marie Designs Take a spoonful of modern and a dash of vintage and stir. This is the eclectic recipe behind Stephanie Marie and her innovative pattern company, Stephanie Marie Designs. She explains, "In my fabric collections, I bring traditional and contemporary design together. I draw inspiration for my patterns and fabric designs from a blend of modern and vintage looks. Blending the old with the new, mixing textures, time periods, styles, and colors provides a dynamic canvas for innovative design and a great original look!" Sewing since the age of five, Stephanie's strengths as a fabric designer come from her love of color and the ability to combine colors and patterns in unique and interesting ways. Stephanie closely follows current color trends in women's fashion. "Watching what new colors are gracing the runways is always fun and exciting. My visual inspiration for lines begins with the creation of a color palette and goes from there." Stephanie began her career in quilting at the young age of thirteen, working for her mother, who owned and operated a quilt store in Kansas. Stephanie shares, "Working at my mom's quilt store was invaluable, and a great learning experience for me. Helping customers to pick out fabric for their projects and learning about the decision making process, is eye-opening and fascinating. I draw from this past experience when I design a collection. I try to think like a quilt shop customer, and include all the necessary prints you need for a project, and the right amount of print and color." After many years of designing patterns under the another brand, Stephanie decided to branch out and Stephanie Marie Designs took root. "A modern soul with a vintage spirit."