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February 15, 2014


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There once was a girl named Nicola, who dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. She went to college, and loved every minute of it, creating beautiful designs and learning all the skills she needed to craft exquisite clothing and being inspired by stories of the great couturiers of the past. One of the biggest inspirations was Madeleine Vionnet who invented the bias cut and used to first create miniature versions of her creations of a quarter size dummy to see how they could flatter the female form.

She then landed her dream job as an design assistant in a high street brand, but the dream wasn't quite what she had imagined it to be. Sitting behind a computer all day designing garments, and never really getting to see them all the way through, left her with a void. 

Then something fantastic happened! She got engaged to the love of her life, and decided to make her own wedding dress for the big day. Making this dress, cutting the silk on the floor of her tiny flat, and hand sewing on beads with her feet hanging out of the window in the sunshine, was like waking up from a coma. There it was, the thing that had been missing since she left college, actually making things! 

From there her path was suddenly clear, she took an internship with a pattern designer, to further hone these skills, and started saving everything she could to make her first bridal collection in Spring 2013. She hasn't looked back since, moving into her own custom studio and branching out to include women's and men's accessories to complement her range of refined, elegant and timeless bridal gowns and creating ready to wear patterns in minimalist, modern styles with retro detailing, and accompanied by clear, easy to follow instructions for the home sewer.