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January 23, 2015

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I have been quilting for many years.  Until recently, family and work kept my quilting time to a minimum. Now, I am a retired empty-nester, and I enjoy having more time to devote to this passion.  My favorite aspect of making quilts is the design element.  With few exceptions, I have designed all of the many quilts I have made.  One of my quilts was a 2nd place winner in a Keepsake Quilting Challenge.  Another of my quilts was selected for inclusion in Larkcraft’s 500 Traditional Quilts (released in August 2014).  Until now, I’ve shared my patterns only with quilt club members.  I truly hope that anyone who purchases my patterns finds them easy to follow and is pleased with the result.

  • Medium original cover

    HAT GIRLS Quilt

    By Hazel Kitts

    • 45" Sq$10.00
    • Intermediate
    Applique Wall Hanging featuring fun hats on mannequin heads and a great opportunity to work with embellishments.  This quilt uses needle-turn applique and the freezer paper technique.This makes a gr more…