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Gale Court is a retired nurse-midwife who is passionate about quilting. She lives on a farm in Pennsylvania with her husband, John, where they grow hostas, lilies, herbs, vegetables, and roses. She took up quilting 17 years ago and has made over 500 quilts since then, mostly to give away. They are a treasured legacy for her 20 grandchildren and for cherished family and friends. Every stitch shares her messages of “I love you” and “remember me,” beautifully and uniquely tailored for each person for whom she sews. Gale sews her heart into every quilt, and she designs each new quilt with love for her family. She is always within arm’s length of needle and thread, and the walls of her home are covered with her work. Having been inspired by many other quilters, Gale is happy to share her quilts and hopes you will enjoy sewing them as much as she has.