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 My name is Martha Sheriff and some of you may know me through my affiliation with OESD through 2008.  Well, I'm not in the pattern business as a hobby along with going to school full time.  I think you'll find my patterns are innovative, easy to make and you may learn some new techniques that you haven't seen before.  I also spend a lot of time getting my patterns proofed.  I want to make them as easy to follow as possible where there can be no misunderstandings.  Of course there's always that one case where we get something in our head that it's supposed to go this way and we can't see it any differently.  If you get stuck, just send me an email.  I'll get you some more pictures if you need them or make you a video to make it easier for you get.  I hope you enjoy my patterns and I have a lot more in my head that just need to find their way on paper!