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Do you have a love for sewing and a slight handbag addiction? You can sew your own gorgeous handbags and purses and make them your own unique style for yourself or to even sell in markets or on-line shops. My PDF sewing patterns and free sewing tutorials will make it easy for you to make the bags you want, and in every shape, color, and size. Stay tuned to www.emmalinebags.blogspot.com, my blog is updated regularly. Thanks for looking, your comments are welcome, and please visit my website for the latest.

  • Medium original cover

    The Necessary Clutch Wallet

    By Emmaline Bags & Sewing Patterns

    • Length: 8” (20 cm) across bottom, Height: 4” (10 cm), Depth: 1” (25 cm) wide at bottom.$8.50
    • Intermediate
    The Necessary Clutch Wallet  isn’t just your ordinary wallet.  Carry your cell phone/mobile, cheques, cash, cards, coins and still have room for your favorite lipstick or even personal items.  With more…
  • Medium original cover

    The Steph-in-the-City Bag

    By Emmaline Bags & Sewing Patterns

    • Width: 16” (41 cm) across bottom, and 13” (33 cm) at belt Height: 12” (30.5 cm) from middle bottom to top opening at center Strap: 25” - 40” (63.5 cm - 102 cm)$9.50
    • Intermediate
    The Steph In The City Bag is just the perfect sized shoulder bag!  With it’s attractive pleats, and belt detail - it looks pretty stylish and the possible looks with different fabrics, rings, and ev more…
  • Medium original cover

    The Boyd St. Bowling Bag

    By Emmaline Bags & Sewing Patterns

    • Length: 16” (41 cm) across bottom, Height: 10” (25 cm) at middle center, Width: 5” (13 cm) wide at bottom.$9.50
    • Intermediate
    The Boyd St. Bowling Bag has a very classic shape and features two attractive pleats on front and back, and a smooth, rounded bowling bag shape.  It is very spacious, and perfect for any season when more…
  • Medium original cover

    The Emmaline Bag

    By Emmaline Bags & Sewing Patterns

    • Width: 15” Height: 9” from bottom to center Straps: 16” from ring to ring, 13.5" from top of bag$9.50
    • Intermediate
    The Emmaline Bag is extremely practical, very spacious, modern and classy.  A stylish handbag that's wonderful for everyday wear.  This bag turns out so beautiful and professional looking!  Easily t more…