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Linnette Dowdell (formerly Linnette Whicker) has an extensive background in teaching and training. She worked for Pfaff Sewing Machines in the Education department from 1989 until 2001. Prior to working with Pfaff, Linnette trained with Palmer/Pletsch and taught serger classes in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University with a major in education and taught in public schools in Louisiana and Texas for 15 years. While working for Pfaff, she trained new dealers and wrote the Owner's handbooks for the Pfaff Creative 7570, 7550, 7530 and 7510. She is featured in the instructional videos for the Pfaff Creative 7570 and Pfaff PC Designer software version 2.0 as well as Pfaff's How-To video with Martha Pullen on Heirloom Techniques. She has appeared on "21st Century Home" on HGTV, "Martha's Sewing Room" and Houston's PBS. Linnette did extensive testing on the Pfaff Creative 2140 prior to it's introduction. Her sewing has been featured in Creative Serging Illustrated, The Complete Book of Machine Quilting, Terrific Textures, Fancy Work Magazine, Sew Beautiful Magazine and Pfaff Club Magazine. She started Sewing Expressions in 2001.

Kim Fillmore also has an extensive background in teaching and training. She worked for Pfaff Sewing Machines in the Education department from 1992 until 2003. Prior to her career with Pfaff, Kim spent four years fine-tuning her sales, teaching and writing style working for a sewing machine dealer in the Denver, Colorado area. Her sewing has been featured in nationally known sewing magazines, videos and tv shows. Joining Pfaff, working on the road for 4 years and subsequently moving to New Jersey allowed Kim to become more involved in the behind-the-scenes business of the sewing world…creating classes and writing, proofing and editing sewing & machine manuals and books. She participated in new dealer training and was involved with creating the manuals, handbooks and built-in machine texts for the 2140, 2144 (as well as editing books/manuals for many of the Pfaff machines). Kim was heavily involved in beta-testing of the Pfaff creative 2140 and 2144 prior to their introduction and troubleshooting and compiling consumer and dealer feedback to aid the engineers in future machine enhancement.