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Marian Gallian I have a passion for quilting which sustains me through all life’s joys and trials. My mom and my aunt both made beautiful quilts and they were my inspiration.I am a compulsive quilter and I now spend most of my time designing new quilts, traveling to classes, writing quilt patterns and teaching others to quilt. I usually work on at least 6 quilts at any one time, each in various stages of completion. I am the Co-Author of Dresden Carnival, released by C & T Publication in Dpring 2016.I have studied under Margaret J. Miller, Jane Sassaman, Linda Taylor, Nancy Johnson-Srebro, Blanche Young, Evelyn Sloppy, Liz Porter, Jan Mullen, Ricky Tims, Pepper Cory, Vicki Pignatelli, Flavin Glover, Laura Wasilowski, and Libby Lehman to name a few. I graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 1969 and received my CPA certificate in 1972. I have a strong foundation in math which I think is why quilting is so pleasing to me. I am proud to be a Grandmother and have 14 granddaughters and 8 grandsons. I keep busy making sure all have quilts made by Grandma.