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I have been quilting for many, many years, and I still love creating beautiful things from fabric. I have been sewing since I was a child. My first sewing machine was a little hand-cranked toy which made a chain stitch. Then I had an electric one which had an on/off button. I finally graduated to a sewing machine with a foot pedal when I was 14. I started making my own clothes then. That was back in the days when fabric was inexpensive. I started quilting as a means of keeping warm when I lived in a poorly heated house. Money was scarce, so I got old clothing from the thrift shop. I cut it up and sewed it into beautiful quilts. Gradually, the knitting, crochet, embroidery and macrame was pushed aside and quilting took over more and more of my spare time. I caught the bug and I was hooked. I love cotton fabric. I love the different designs printed onto it. I have a large collection, probably more than I could ever use. I also love thread. Since I stopped buying so much fabric I now buy every beautiful spool of thread I see. Variegated thread is my favorite. In my other life, I am a registered nurse working in a residential care plus emergency room facility in a very tiny town.