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Payments & Fees retains 45% of the net sales each month, which is in line with industry standards for a manufacturer's wholesale discount offered to a mass market distributor.

The net sales are defined as your gross sales (retail price) less promotional discounts (if applicable) and less PayPal's nominal seller fees.*

If we determine any refund requests from customers are warranted, then your earnings on those previous sales will be deducted from your total earnings for the month in which the customer is refunded. You will always have the opportunity to address and resolve complaints to preserve the customer's satisfaction with their purchase and prevent a refund.

55% of the net sales (your earnings) is paid to you via a monthly electronic deposit to your PayPal account near the 15th of each month for sales accumulated in the previous month. absorbs the PayPal deposit fees in full, and we do not charge you any fees for listing, revising, or removing your ePatterns for sale.

$32.00 Gross sales (sale of four ePatterns with a retail price of $8.00 each)
25% discount offered during a special promotion (if applicable)
$24.00 Adjusted gross sales
PayPal seller fees*
$23.00 Net sales
45% retained by
$12.65 Your earnings

You must have a valid PayPal account in order to accept payments from PayPal offers a variety of account types; we can make payments to any PayPal account type you choose. If you have never used PayPal before, we recommend that you sign up for their free Personal Account. This account type will allow you to accept deposits from, transfer the funds to your bank whenever you want, and also use it to shop online if you wish. Visit to learn more.

You can view up-to-the-minute sales transactions and earnings from your Dashboard by logging in and clicking on Account > My Sales. You can also download a report showing your Life-to-Date sales and earnings at any time.

If you decide to remove your profile and your ePatterns from the site, you can request a final closing payment of your portion of any net sales accumulated to date of any amount; click here for our company contact information. Please allow up to 3 business days to process final closing payment requests. You are welcome to sign up again to sell on at any time in the future. reserves the right to remove your profile and your ePatterns from the site if you have violated the Designer Terms of Agreement. You will be notified via email and your final closing payment will be processed within 3 days.

* PayPal charges sellers two fees for each sales transaction: a transaction fee of 30 cents, plus a percentage of sales fee of 2.9%. The percentage of sales fee may decrease as low as 2.2% depending on the total sales volume receives in any given month. Click here to read more about PayPal's seller fees for accepting payments from customers. If the customer pays by entering their credit card information directly into's secure site, then PayPal fees do not apply.