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Shoppers are allowed up to 7 calendar days after purchase to contact if they are dissatisfied with an ePattern. While ePatterns are not physically returnable, satisfaction will be guaranteed and the full purchase price may be refunded to the Shopper. We will promptly forward Shopper complaints to the Designer via email. Designers need to contact the Shopper via email immediately upon receipt of complaint to make a good-faith effort to help the Shopper resolve their issue (ie; provide corrections or troubleshooting tips). If both Designer and Shopper successfully resolve the complaint, then the Designer must advise within 7 calendar days of receipt of complaint to prevent processing a refund. If there is no resolution in that timeframe, will issue the Shopper a full refund and deduct the net transaction amount from the Designer’s sales for that month. Refunds will be tracked and limited per shopper to prevent abuse.