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OUR PROMOTIONAL EFFORTS was developed for Designers who create quiltmaking, sewing, wearables, fabric crafts and fiber art patterns. C&T Publishing has the established reputation and resources to successfully market your ePatterns to a large, international audience of prospective Shoppers. We advertise and publicize widely and regularly in a variety of online media, as well as in national quilting and sewing magazines. is featured in C&T Publishing's catalogs, collateral, email blasts, and booth exhibits, as well as on our heavily-trafficked blogs, website, and social media sites. Viral marketing is promoted in multiple forums, and we analyze detailed site traffic, sales data and industry reports in order to share summaries of our analysis with Designers regularly, in an effort to keep you abreast of trends and Shoppers’ interests.

To promote new traffic to the site, we may occasionally provide Shoppers with a promotional discount offer for a specified period of time. Please see the Designer Agreement for more information on how such an offer may impact your fees and net sales.


Designers are encouraged to regularly promote and link to their profile page on You are welcome to upload free (0.00 price) ePattern(s) as an incentive for your fans to visit the site and shop.

Subscribe to the Designer e-newsletter, where you will receive tips, tutorials, and resources on a wide variety of marketing tools that will help you build your sales, such as:

  • Using social media effectively
  • Benefits of blogging
  • Direct mail, flyers, and inserts
  • Email marketing
  • Building a fan base through viral marketing
  • Personal appearances and networking
  • Teaching and demonstrating

Click here to access our Designer eNewsletter archive. Please contact us if you have ideas for e-newsletter articles or if you need assistance with developing a special promotion.