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Uploading Tips

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Your ePatterns must be a PDF file format (maximum 50mb) and can be any number of pages in length.

Share your best photos or illustrations of the finished project. These images will display with a zoom-in feature on your pattern page.

Here are a few tips for uploading and editing your ePattern files:

  • Choose your best JPG or PNG photo of the finished project for your cover image; crop it nicely to increase your chances of being featured on the home page
  • If you do not have a JPG or PNG photo of the finished project to use for your cover, consider creating a sample and snapping a variety of nice shots and saving those with your photo program
  • You can also extract an illustration or image from a page from your ePattern PDF on your own computer, then convert it to a JPG or PNG image to upload. You will need a specific software application to do this, such as PhotoShop Elements or Preview from Apple or Photoshop. There are many photo editing programs to choose from.
  • To attract more interest from shoppers that lead to sales, add up to 3 additional JPG or PNG images of the finished project (show it in use, in an interesting setting, show a detail or an alternate colorway, etc.)
  • Be sure all of your JPG or PNG files are high enough resolution to remain sharp when a shopper uses the zoom feature in the preview. For optimum viewing in the preview, images should be close to 1932 pixels (6.5 inches) wide by 2212 pixels (7.4 inches) tall, with 300 dpi resolution. Lower resolution is acceptable, but it may result in poor zoom results. The minimum image size allowed is 513 pixels (1.71 inches) wide by 830 pixels (1.33 inches) tall and 72dpi. Maximum file size is 5MB.
  • Put plenty of details in the description field to entice shoppers - share a little inspiration for the pattern, tell why you think it's special, give ideas for how to use the project, provide the pattern specifications and a partial supply list, offer your personal tips for success, etc.
  • All of the fields are searchable by google and other search engines, so include keywords in your descriptions to improve the chance of your pattern coming up during searches by customers
  • Select primary (required) and up to two secondary categories (one required) that most closely reflect the type of project your ePattern will make to improve searchability
  • Tag your ePattern with plenty of keywords that reflect attributes such as type, size, color, style, and end use, to further improve searchability when shoppers are browsing