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Applique Ann's Way (Instruction Booklet)
By Ann Fahl

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Ann Fahl has always used lots of thread in her work. She prefers fused appliqué because it allows her the freedom to work without the restraints of seams.  To date, she has published books on machine embroidery and machine quilting, now she has this booklet on the subject of machine appliqué.  She includes six of her favorite methods to share with you: 
  • Satin Stitch
  • Open Zigzag
  • Decorative Stitch
  • Messy Stitch Free-motion
  • Straight Stitch Free-motion
  • Florentine Edge Applique
There is something for everyone, some methods are easy, others are more complex. Some are commonly used techniques and others will be new to the reader, especially the Florentine edge method. This gives a smooth and very wide edge treatment; especially useful when appliqueing large objects.  Learn about some of the refinements and small details that will improve your appliqué techniques. There are black & white photos throughout the text to illustrate each one. Subjects include: supplies, fusing, using decorative thread, stitch placement, stitching corners & points, decorative stitches, problem solving machine issues and trimming. And of course; the six appliqué techniques.
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Ann Fahl

Ann Fahl, prize winning quilter, family historian and master gardener; exhibits her quilts in the United States and abroad. She is known for her garden quilts which are hand beaded, machine embroidered and quilted. Both Ann’s book and DVD about free-motion embroidery are titled, Coloring with Thread. Her book on quilting is Dancing with ThreadA Black and White Tale is a book about her cat Oreo. She enjoys creating her own designs, creating patterns, writing about creativity and quilting.