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Circle Game Quilt Pattern
By Terrie Sandelin

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  • 46" by 61"
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  • Intermediate

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This two block pattern is fast and easy to make. Use contemporary fabrics for a fun modern style. Instructions on using water soluble applique fiber are included but any of your preferred applique methods will work.

Medium original cover
Medium original cover

Terrie Sandelin

I've been quilting for a long time now, going on (yikes) twenty-five years. Quilting in all its forms has enriched my life immeasurably. The sheer delight of playing with color and design combined with the friendships the quilt world fosters continues to give me so much. I'm so grateful for that quilt on my bed when I was a child that started my love for this wonderful craft! About five years ago I became fascinated with using the Fold and Sew technique to make miniature quilts faster and easier and was thrilled to have C&T publish my book Miniatures in Minutes. For more about my miniatures and other quilting ventures, visit me at my website and blog. I'd love to hear from you.