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Versatile Messenger Bag Pattern
By Candied Fabrics

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I love bags with lots of pockets, they help keep me organized! This messenger has a pocket for everything:

  • Need your smart phone handy? No problem – there’s an external pocket on each side just for it, so no matter which shoulder you use to carry your bag you’ll be able to get that call before it goes to voicemail!
  • Want easy access to a magazine? There’s an outside pocket across the back of the bag made just for that.
  • Where are your KEYS??? Losing my keys was the bane of my existence…until I started putting key leashes in my bags. Clip your keys to it and save 5 frantic minutes every morning.
  • With 2 more pockets under the flap, as well as several pockets inside (with instructions on how to customize these to your needs), there really IS a place for everything!
  • Carry lots of stuff? No worry, I’ve included directions for two sizes: big and MEGA! The mega-messenger can carry a large (15” or so) laptop, or it could make a fabulous diaper bag too. I’ve included information on how to add a water/baby bottle pocket on the outside of this mega-bag, making it uber functional.

The other half of a functional bag is a bag that is durable and has plenty of structure. Slouchy bags may look great, but when you’re searching for something in the depths of one, it can be a bit annoying. I show you how careful use of heavy weight fabric, interfacing and batting allow the bag to stand up (and open) by itself, making it much easier to search for that lost subway token or permission slip.

Not only is this bag functional, it is also beautiful. The flap is a great spot to show off your artistic stitching skills. I include several variations, but this is also for you to add your own creative vision. Whether it’s an awesome block you’ve just pieced, a blank canvas for your awesome free motion quilting skills or a gorgeous bit of fabric you’ve been hoarding for just the right occasion, the flap is the place to personalize with an artistic flair.

The pattern with pictures is 20 pages long. I’ve also included a version of the pattern without pictures (that is 6 pages long) so you can print off these instructions only to mark up and keep by your sewing machine without using lots of paper and ink.

Candied Fabrics

My name is Candy Glendening and I'm addicted to color! I dye fabric so I can have just the hue & texture I want, and then use it to make art quilts and “everyday art”. I am an avid blogger and I've had many publications in art quilting magazines. These publishing opportunities have led to me filming 2 episodes of the PBS show “Quilting Arts TV” in the summer of 2010,  and 2 more episodes in the 2011. I have also recorded a DVD with Interweave entitled "Dyeing to Stitch: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Colorful Fabric Art". 

My goal is to fill life with color & pattern that makes people happy.