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By Susan Briscoe

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  • 60" x 40"
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Create a quilt full of memories with a collection of special fabrics for the block centres.  I used squares of old Japanese kimono silks dating from the 1920s to the 1990s and combined them with marble-effect batiks and tie-dyed cotton.  The appliqué falling cherry blossoms are a poetic image suggesting time passing.  Big stitch quilting in shaded threads and patterns adapted from the old sashiko design masu (stacking boxes) complete the quilt. The original quilt is 60in x 40in, made with 6in blocks – made with 9in blocks the design becomes a single bed quilt 90 x 60in.  Sizes in brackets refer to the larger quilt throughout.  This design can also be adapted, in the smaller version, for 2½in wide precut strips, i.e. Jelly Rolls, Batik Pops/Treats etc.
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Susan Briscoe

I am an award winning British quilt designer and textile artist, teacher and author of a dozen books. Many of my patterns have a Japanese inspiration, as I used to work in there and Japanese design, including sashiko, is a constant source of inspiration. I plan to upload some of my most popular paper patterns to Patternspot so you can download and start making as soon as possible - no waiting for the mail!