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Washable NO sew FABRIC Picture Frame 8x10" for 5x7" photo pattern download, shown with Zazzle fabric
By Kristie Hubler

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I am SO excited!  I have been wanting to put this out for 15 years, and finally, I nailed it!  Now, you can make this 8x10" picture frame for a 5x7" photo, that is completely washable, with removable easel back and strut leg boards that slide out, cut up acid free, clear sheet protector page for a protective  photo sleeve, pocket for the photo and sleeve, and can be made without sewing! And, I found a use for that skinny 1/8" wide ribbon you find in the craft store - it will be used to connect 3 of the inside panels, to make the photo pocket, plus a 9" length of 1 1/2" ribbon to connect the bottom right corner of the strut leg pocket to the inside between the 2 layers of the easel back panels.  Why will you use this skinny ribbon?  It is because you will thread the skinny ribbon through holes, that you will poke through and cut out, using embroidery scissors, those pointy small fabric scissors, and the holes that are placed as a guide on the patterns, on the 3 inside panels.  You will use hot glue and Thermoweb Ultrahold fusible web, a paper backed iron on fabric adhesive, cut to size as your patterns, 10 pieces / patterns, ironed to the back of the 10 slightly larger fabric panels, with enough going around the outer edges to act as seam allowances, that get folded under and ironed down to the adhesive side of the ironed Heat n Bond / fabric panels.  These fabric adhesive patterns have pattern lines and guides/marks for holes, transferred from the print out patterns.  You can transfer the lines manually to the Heat n Bond's paper side OR - buy a 10 sheet pack of Thermoweb's NEW EZ Print, in their Heat n Bond Lite or Featherlite style, 10 sheet pack $7.99 at OR at $8.99 minus any sale or store coupon - I've seen the pack go for as low as $3.99 on sale!  A 10 sheet pack is PERFECT for this project, as you can print DIRECTLY onto EZ Print, which is double paper sided, trim the excess, iron to the back of the fabric panels - these 10 fusible web patterns will be ironed to the back of your 10 fabric pieces, and also gives structure to the frame, allowing the frame to stand on a table or shelf, and keeps the fabric from puckering, keeps the corners and edges nice and crisp, and keeps the frame's shape, even after washing, along with the mat board or cardboard parts for the easel back board, which will be cut slightly smaller than the easel back panels, and the strut leg board, both patterns for the boards are provided in the download.  All you need is: *1 to 1 1/2 or so yards of fabric, more if your fabric repeat pattern motif design is large (tip: you can transfer the print out patterns onto sheet protectors or clear vinyl and take them with you, when you select your fabric)*a 5 yard roll of Thermoweb Ultrahold Heat N Bond, which can be bought for as little as $5, if you buy it from Michaels and use their 50% off coupon, or go to or and buy the 10 sheet pack of EZ Print*9" long by 1 1/2" wide ribbon & 5 feet of the skinny 1/8" wide ribbon  - basically, enough to go through the holes on the 2 vertical sides and bottom side twice, with a little extra to grab and tie off. You can get a sheet of 20x32" mat board for $5 at Michaels, or go to JoAnn Fabric superstore for 8x10" scraps, $1 each, in their framing department, but you can shop around - or use 1/16" thick cardboard, 14" x 9" for either cardboard OR mat board.The photo and text blog tutorial, which shows you how I make this frame, including links to buy the supplies and tools, are at and The 1 hour & 40 minute video tutorial showing you how I make this frame is at I will probably take you, as a crafter making this frame for the first time 2 to 3 hours tops.  The more you make them, the faster you will be.This fabric that I use sells at at  along with my other fabric patterns, AS WELL as fat quarter and yard cut and sew patterns WITH the photo frame panels true to size, 10 panels each, fat quarters for $11.95 to make the no sew frames for the 1 1/2"  x 2 1/2" photo size, and 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" size (wallet sized), I have a yard cut and sew, one to make 2 frame sizes for the 5x7" photo, and a yard cut and sew to make 3 frames, one for the 8x10" photo, a 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" photo, and a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" photo, for $27.95 - instructions, tools and supplies listed in the description area, or go to the blogs to get the info, too.This fabric is my Paris / Eiffel Tower inspired pointillism collage art, in repeat pattern, at Zazzle.comOh, before I forget, you may notice online or in store, that Thermoweb offers different Heat n Bond:Ultrahold, thick, acid free (great for photos) - great for no sew projectsHeat n Bond Lite - not acid free, made for sewingFeatherlite - like Heat n Bond Lite, not acid free, made for sewingEZ Print - the inkjet printer friendly version in Heat n Bond Lite or Featherlite, that you print the patterns directly onto, 8 1/2" x 11" sheetsAll are good to use for this project.Thank you for viewing and/or purchasing this download!Have fun!Kristie Hubler, inventor, owner of fabricatedframes.comfabricatedframescom@gmail.comcopyright protected 2015, all rights reserved, download patterns are for personal use only, do not resell, not for commercial use.
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Kristie Hubler

Hi, Kristie here! I am an artist, and author of "Fabricated Frames: Instructions On Making Fabric Photo Frames" available at and, product designer, inventor, and owner of, where I make, design, and sell, washable, sewn, fabric: picture frames, 6 sizes, custom available jewelry brooch pins, with removable pin backs ornaments for the tree or use as a door hanger house shaped oven mitts, oven gloves pug and Yorkshire terrier jackets and bellybands.

Fabricated Frames washable fabric picture frame sewing pattern and tutorial is featured in Sew It Today magazine, issue 11, August / September 2014 issue, out on newsstands, in Barnes and Noble, AC Moore crafts stores, Joann Fabrics, and anywhere where they sell sewing and crafts magazines, $3.99, on pages 56-59, titled "Framed", featuring Fabric Editions / Fabric Loft "Trapeze" collection, chevron and large medallion.  Their fabric is available in Target - preview the tutorial at and

Plus, I make the pdf epatterns, with or without my art formatted to print onto inkjet fabric, for everything above, and patterns for the dog jackets and bellybands.

Many a time was I asked if I had my products in epattern format, or as patterns, and have sold a nice amount since. Thank you! Kristie