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Tree Bowl
By Katherine Donaldson

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  • 8" Diameter (+ roots), 6" tall
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  • Beginner

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A soft cloth bowl for your stuff, a tree for your treasures. I originally created this pattern for a game of leprechaun toss, but my leprechaun ‘houses’ were quickly stolen for many other purposes, first a hat, then a bed for Totoro and other animals, and a place to store treasures. I am thinking of stealing one back to hold table napkins in the autumn. These would be great for decorating a woodland themed party, or a child’s room. Who doesn’t need another soft bucket for storing treasures?
Medium original cover

Katherine Donaldson

I craft for myself and my girls, but mostly my girls right now! Inbetween diaper changes and a part time job I'm trying to find time to share patterns for a few of the many things I have designed out of love, necessity and whimsy.