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430 Happy Holiday Table Runner and Wall Hanging PDF.pdf
By Pleasant Valley Creations

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  • 15" x 45", 15" x 48"
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#430 Happy Holidays Table Runner or Wall Hanging
Table Runner size: 15" x 48"
Wall Hanging size: 15" x 45"
Make for any holiday or season! The picture of does not do this projectThis is a quick easy table runner or wall hanging to make. You only have to make three star blocks, and the rest is just sewing on triangles cut from squares.You can use scraps for the stars and use any theme fabric in place of the floral. You only need 1/2 yard of the floral fabric and most of us could find that in our scrap stash!
Wow your friends! Give as gifts! Who wouldn't love something you've made!
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Pleasant Valley Creations

I've had a love of fabric all my life.  I went from sewing my own clothes, to alterations for customers, to quilting, to longarm quilting for hire, to designing my own quilt patterns.  So here I am.  I love scrappy quilts.  I collect fabric and then make quilts.  

It is amazing how the quilts have changed in the last few decades.  They just keep getting better and better.