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Tessellated Zigzag
By Peggy Martin

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  • lap size 48" x 60"; wall or baby size 47" x 47"
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This fun interlocking design is paper pieced in a snap with Quick-Strip Paper Piecing, an easy, speedier method where multiple patterns are sewn at the same time on fabric strips. The Zigzag pattern is a tessellation, which simply means that the pattern tiles with itself, with no other pieces in between. Show your colors with the Rainbow Zigzag lap quilt, size (48” x 60”) or for a great wall quilt or baby quilt choose the Checkerboard Zigzag (47”x 47”). Complete instructions for the two different quilt sizes and colorations are included with this pattern.

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Peggy Martin

 I have been quilting since 1981, and teaching and lecturing since 1985. I travel widely to guilds and shows, teaching techniques that are streamlined and designed to be fast, fun and accurate. I have two books published by C&T, "Quick-Strip Paper Piecing" and "Paper Piece the Quick-Strip Way." The books feature a technique that is a fast, assembly-line method of paper piecing, sewing multiple patterns at the same time on strips of fabric. I also teach a class on I exhibit quilts in shows nationally, and was honored to be selected as "Quilting Teacher of the Year" in 2010 by the International Professional Quilters Association.