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TULIP BASKET Mini Quilt (#034)
By Monica Curry Quilt Designs

  • $10.00
  • 19" X 18" (47.5cm x 45cm)
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  • Intermediate

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Welcome spring with this pretty Tulip Basket for your wall decor. This mini quilt uses soft muted tones inspired by the beautiful quilts by Japanese quilt artist Yoko Saito. If you have basic appliqué and paper piecing skills, you can complete this project in no time. This pattern was written for hand stitched appliqué but fusible appliqué would work just as well. 
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Monica Curry Quilt Designs

Hi! I'm Monica Curry of Cut, Stitch + Piece Quilt Designs. I've been quilting for 30 years and worked professionally as a graphic designer for 15 years. I combine my passion for quilting and my love of design to create quilt patterns. All my patterns are tested and retested to ensure that, you, the customer will create a beautiful piece from start to finish. All my patterns are comprehensive with well written step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams. I design quilt patterns for every skill level. Whether you're a novice or expert quilter, there's a pattern for everyone. I'm sure you'll find something in my collection that inspires you. If you have any questions about a pattern you've purchased, I also offer prompt support via email. Happy Quilting!