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Let's Have a Picnic Napkin Set - AccuQuilt GO Version
By Ebony Love

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  • 12" x 12"
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With warmer weather comes the promise of outdoor entertainment, food, and fun, so make your hosting a little more special by adding some fun picnic napkins! Based on the Hourglass block, these 12” square napkins are super-easy and fast to make – you can whip these up in the time it takes to get the barbecue ready for grilling. 

The pattern includes a special link to exclusive online content where you can interact with the designer, and learn how to make the braided napkin rings shown on the cover. Brought to you by Quilt Possible!

Medium original cover
Medium original cover

Ebony Love

I have been sewing since my legs were long enough to touch the foot pedal on my sewing machine.  I came to quilting more recently in 2003, and have enjoyed the journey of discovering exactly what type of quilter I want to be.

My company, LoveBug Studios, originally began as a custom quilt and handbag shop. As I started learning more about quilting, I found more satisfaction in teaching others to quilt using my methods and techniques, especially for fabric die cutting, and my growing line of publications and kits are quite popular among die-cutting enthusiasts.

I have published more than 50 educational videos on quilting and die cutting, which are freely available on YouTube. I'm a recurring guest on Mary Fons’s show Quilty (available on and have had my quilts & quilting featured in several publications.  I am also a regular columnist for Quilty Magazine.

I created and launched the EDeN™ System (Equivalent Die Notation System) which will enable anyone to convert patterns into die cutting instructions across all major cutting systems. My patterns and publications use the EDeN System for cutting charts to enable anyone - die cutters and rotary cutters alike - to cut the correct shapes for their quilting projects. My book, The Big Little Book of Fabric Die Cutting Tips, is written especially for people interested in die cutting, and offers tips and techniques for using any of the 5 most popular die-cutting systems.