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Very Sleepy
By Hunter's Design Studio

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  • 41" x 59"
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Very Sleepy is a sweet baby quilt for the newest arrivals! The pattern features paper-pieced letters, and sheep with three-dimensional ears. SKILL LEVEL 3: All straight seams, straight and bias edges; paper-piecing techniques, use of templates, block construction; good 1/4” seam accuracy with attention to not stretching bias edges.
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Hunter's Design Studio

Hi there! I’m Sam Hunter, the Head Thaumaturgist and Chick in Charge here at Hunter’s Design Studio. I’m a fabric girl with an MFA in Fibers – I started sewing when I was 7 and haven’t really stopped since.I consider my sewing machine to be the ultimate power tool, and try to use it every day.

I aim to design things that are pleasantly complex to look at, but are pleasantly simple to make.

Just so you know (and like you couldn’t tell) my favorite color is ORANGE. I tend to make a lot of things in orange, but trust me when I tell you that if you make my patterns in your favorite colors they will work pretty well too.