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Shea's Zig Quilt
By Studio Sampou

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I have a friend named Shea. She is a nature girl. She loves gardening, tending her chickens, playing in the creek near her house and naturally loves anything the color of the forest, water or sky. 

So when I asked her what colors I should use for a quilt I was making for her new updated room (She’s 10 now.... double digits are impressive!) naturally, she said, “I would like to to be greens, teals and blues” “Good enough” I said. Pulling from Studio Stash was easy as there are 17 colors that fall into that category and I would have no problem creating a quilt that reflected her. Within  a few minutes after picking up my colored pencils, I had a quick thumbnail sketch of a big zig zag quilt. 

As I started laying out the colors, I was tempted to add a pink stripe for a bit of “pop” and it’s one of my favorite colors! She squished up her face when I mentioned this... but no words, just a face followed by a darling toothy smile. 

In the end, after chatting with her mom (my best friend) I decided to add just a touch of pink in the bottom right corner....Which is my way of tugging her little ear, and whispering to her, “Goodnight my child, sweet dreams” and maybe one day she will like pink too.....

A big thank you to Robert Kaufman Co for creating the pattern for Shea's quilt. You can view this and other patterns on their website at

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Studio Sampou

Observation and contemplation coupled with the intense desire to create something gorgeous and tangible are the main ingredients that drive Jennifer’s work as an artist. Since childhood she has enjoyed hobbies such as creating lush terrariums in glass jugs, etching decorative leather belts in her dad’s workshop, and sewing elaborate sequined ornaments for the Christmas tree with her mom. Creativity was an everyday part of life while growing up in Massachusetts. Her mother and father were loving and supportive. As the youngest of five, she had lots of freedom to grow and discover. 

Her path was clear from an early age: to combine her love of art, sewing and travel. As a young woman she studied Surface Design at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and worked in Wales, UK, with Laura Ashley. In the late 80s after graduating from the University of Vermont with a BS in textiles, wanderlust led her west to San Francisco where she was hired as the creative director for P&B Textiles, an established yet small company ripe for exciting design. She headed up all P&B fabric creations for seven years, leaving an indelible mark in the industry. 

In 1996 Jennifer ventured out on her own and opened Studio Sampou in San Francisco. Studio Sampou serviced Northcott Fabrics and later began an exclusive and fruitful relationship with Robert Kaufman Fabrics. As one of the first licensed quilt fabric designers for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Jennifer developed thousands of fabric prints. Also during this time, she co-authored the book In The Nursery with her sister, Carolyn Schmitz, for C&T Publishing. 

Jennifer continues to design unique and inspiring fabrics for sewists and quilters through Robert Kaufman.