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Our First Book of Pixel Quilt Top Patterns
By Gewaly Art

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  • 60 x 60
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  • Beginner

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More than a pattern, this is a book.  The popularity of pixel quilting is growing more and more each day.  This book provides a brief glimps into what it is all about.  Included are 10 pixel patterns, featuring Animals of the Wild.  Each animal image is an original creation inspired by nature.  The creativity and imagination put into the images makes each a true work of art.  Many hours of fun and creativity can be found as one works through the projects creating beautiful and functional pixel quilts.It's a pattern, it's a puzzle, it's a picture...  All in one book. 
Medium clownfish image
Medium puppy image
Medium ribons image g and r
Medium basket weave image grey sample
Medium owl image
Medium soccer image
Medium france image
Medium lion image
Medium panda image

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