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Arwon Oaltmeal
By Cinzia White

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  • 67" x 67"
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This simple quilt is perfect for highlighting those large print fabrics. The technique is suitable for a wide variety of colourful or feature fabrics.It is perfect for beginners and can easily be completed over the weekend.The use of a layer cake would make it an even faster quilt.
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Cinzia White

Cinzia has won major awards for her quilts throughout Australia and the UK and been accepted into the IQF Houston, IQF Chicago and UK Festival of Quilts.She regularly publishes patterns in a wide variety of publications including Quiltmaker, Patchwork and Quilting, Patchwork and Stitching and Quilts Down Under. Several of her quilts have been selected for inclusion in the latest book in Lark Publications 500 series, 500 Traditional Quilts. Raconteur, for which several individual patterns are available here on patternspot, won numerous awards internationally, including Viewers Choice at five major competitions