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Easy Money
By Hunter's Design Studio

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  • Queen 84 x 104
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  • Beginner

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This Queen size quilt is an improvisational variation of the “stacked coins” quilt pattern. The instructions guide you through some clever “planned improvisation” to maximize the pattern and minimize fabric waste. All straight seams and easy cutting - great for a beginner, especially if you want to try out some improvisational piecing with training wheels on! This pattern works well in all fabrics, from modern to traditional to batik. It can look great in high contrast prints or smoothly blended pattern textures. Choosing a group of fabrics from a designer’s line can work well also, as can using coordinated jelly rolls. The BACKGROUND Fabric should be contrasting enough in value and texture to allow the MAIN Fabrics room to shine. The BINDING can be scrappy, contrasting, or the same as the background. SKILL LEVEL 1: All straight seams and straight edges; strip construction; decent 1/4” seam accuracy.
Medium original cover
Medium hds.031   turningpoints   cover   300dpi
Medium hds.053   ombr  waterfall   cover   300dpi
Medium hds.054   ombr  star   cover   300dpi
Medium hds.041   skyline reflected   cover
Medium hds.044   fair and square   cover   300dpi
Medium hds.045   hexactly   cover   300dpi
Medium hds.046   big star chevron   cover   300dpi
Medium hds.047   churning fourteen   cover   300dpi

Hunter's Design Studio

Hi there! I’m Sam Hunter, the Head Thaumaturgist and Chick in Charge here at Hunter’s Design Studio. I’m a fabric girl with an MFA in Fibers – I started sewing when I was 7 and haven’t really stopped since.I consider my sewing machine to be the ultimate power tool, and try to use it every day.

I aim to design things that are pleasantly complex to look at, but are pleasantly simple to make.

Just so you know (and like you couldn’t tell) my favorite color is ORANGE. I tend to make a lot of things in orange, but trust me when I tell you that if you make my patterns in your favorite colors they will work pretty well too.