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Folk Art Prim Topsy Turvey Doll
By Heisler's Creative Stitchery

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This doll is 18" long. In case you are not familiar with topsy-Turvy dolls, there are no legs and you can flip the skirt to display either side. The doll can be displayed hanging or leaning.

Like the dolls but don't want a topsy-turvy? Just make one side and attach to a wood dowel on a base. Directions on how to do this are not included but if you need help just email me.

The doll body is tea-stained and there are how-tos in the directions. Both sides have painted faces and hands with stitched fingers. The faces are different for each doll.

Feeling happy? Display Sunnie with her straw hat and fabric sunflowers. Sunnie's hair is wool and is glued to her head. There are directions for making the sunflowers so you can even make yourself a pin to wear!

Feeling tired or having a bad day? Display Junie with her sleepy eyes. The moon on her dress is appliqued but can also be machine sewn. She wears a rusty wire halo wrapped with eyelash yarn.Her hair is yarn fringe you can purchase or make using the directions I've included.

The pattern is printed book style and has plenty of hints, photos and drawings to help you understand how to make them. There are 3 pages of patterns but the rectangles for the skirts and trims are not included. You will find sizes in the directions.

If you have any questions about the pattern please contact me.

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Heisler's Creative Stitchery

I've been designing patterns since the 1980's and have had many printed in various craft magazines. Not all of my patterns have been turned into PDF so I hope you'll have a look at my web site to see the rest of them. A note about my PDF patterns. Some are different from the printed ones I sell. Some pictures and drawings were removed to make the pdf sizes smaller.