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Nativity Advent Calendar Pattern
By The Lullaby Loft

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  • 20.5" wide by 33" long (plus 3-4" distance from the nail to the top of the calendar)
  • PDF
  • Beginner

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Note: This listing is for a detailed NATIVITY ADVENT CALENDAR PDF PATTERN complete with photo and written step by step instructions. (28 pages including full sized templates)  This beautiful Nativity Advent Calendar will be a fun addition to any family's Christmas traditions. I created a Christmas Tree Calendar for my family and my daughter was in love with the baby Jesus. She was only willing to take naps in the afternoon if she could take the baby Jesus with her. So... this Nativity Advent Calendar has been inspired by & for our little Naomi. 24 Ornaments have been designed for you, along with two options on how you'd like to hang your ornaments. Snap buttons are great for kids over 5, but my children under 3 years do better with ribbon/button hanging ornaments. The whole Nativity Calendar can be done in multiple ways: hand sewn, sewing machine, craft glue or hot glue gun. I've provided directions with a dash of all, but feel free to use whichever tool fits you best! Skill Level: Beginner/Moderate. Instructions even come with a refresher page on how to do basic embroidery stitches. Tutorial instructions will guide you through making: • Hanging Nativity Scene with 2 different choices of how to hang the ornaments. • 24 Countdown pockets to hold the ornaments • 24 Nativity Ornaments  Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Dove, 3 Angels, 3 Wise men, 3 Presents, 3 Shepherds, 2 Sheep, Donkey, Camel, Cow, Lantern, Star & Bethlehem  •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Adobe Reader software is needed to read this PDF:  (free at ) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• All patterns & photographs created by The lullaby lofT are copyrighted. So please respect our creativity and do not pass along your purchased pattern. If you are wanting to sell your finished product please contact us first. We can sell you a limited production license so you may sell your finished work locally! You will have to link your for sale item to: Thank you and happy sewing! 
Medium original cover
Medium original cover

The Lullaby Loft

 Hi! I'm Jual, owner of The lullaby lofT! My little boutique has been handcrafted & inspired by the little peanuts in our family. Each PDF tutorial has been thoughtfully made so you may create that handcrafted gift for the little loved one(s) in your life. I have a degree in Visual Arts Education: K-12, and believe all that teaching has equipped me with confidence to design & teach others how to create little works of love. My husband, with our three children, live in a cozy cottage style house in the heart of the city.