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  • mrlf

    Fun (5 spots)

    Fun project, badly written instructions, too many pictures, you could write simple instructions with just three or four pictures and all on the same page. This is an expensive pattern to print and it's not necessary. 27 pages is too many, you need about 6 sentences and three pics

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5 out of 5 spots
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My Collapsible Craft Container is quick and easy to make, folds flat for storage and has an unlimited number of uses. Seriously, this container is a storage powerhouse! You will find this "thread catcher" in several locations throughout my sewing room, as well as in my travel EPP kit and travel embroidery kit. But why stop there? It can also hold: buttons, snaps, safety pins, bobbins, Clover clips, coins, paper clips and, most importantly, CANDY for those quick "pick me ups" while quilting!  I use these containers in different colors to hold my color sorted button supply!  Cute storage that makes it easy to find just the button I am looking for!  It can even hold individual servings of nuts or mints at your family gathering or formal affair! So, start your "collection" today. I bet you can't make just one!
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