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Drawstring Lunch Box PDF Sewing Pattern -Plus Bonus Pattern for Waste Free Fold Over Snack Sacks
By IndiPatterns

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This sewing pattern and tutorial is available for instant download to you computer. The lunch sack is fully lined. It is an advanced beginner pattern, but a very patient beginner can make this. This is not a pattern for someone who has never sewn anything before. The finished lunch bag is a perfect size to hold plastic, glass, or stainless steel lunch containers or to hold the snack bags you can also make with this pattern. The pattern prints on 8.5x11 standard paper from a standard printer fully scaled. You do not need to enlarge this pattern. The fold over snack sack style is ideal for kid's lunch bags. Without zippers, velcro, of snaps, these sacks are easy for little ones to open and close. Also great for anyone who wants to make many snack bags as this pattern is more affordable to produce and quicker to sew by excluding extra cost items like zippers or snaps. The full color photo tutorial comes with step-by-step instructions from creating four sizes of bags. You get the tiny snack bag, a larger sized snack bag, the sandwich bag, and the baguette/hoagie roll bag. The bags are fully lined. You do not need special tools or machines to make this pattern. No serger required. You can make this bag on a standard machine. The sample is made from home dec fabric, but you could also use jean, cotton, or other sturdy fabrics and lined with ripstop nylon. You can also line with cotton. The snack bags take about 10 minutes or less each to sew. The inside seams are fully finished with an overcast zigzag to prevent fraying. The lunch bag is about 1-2 hours depending on your sewing level. Check out my shop for more of my patterns.Can I sell items made with this pattern? Yep. Just do not share my pdf pattern please.
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Hello! Welcome to my pattern shop.  I've been designing sewing patterns for the last several years, but my passion for sewing started as a child.  My mother is an avid sewist and made many of my clothes and dolls growing up.  I learned my sewing skills from her.  About 10 years ago I started making and selling doll and baby clothes.  A few years in I decided my true passion was in designing the patterns.  I published my first pattern in 2009.  I've been selling patterns all over the world since then.  I try to make my patterns easy to follow with step-by-step instructions.  I also try to use patterns to teach you new techniques to make sewing simpler, faster, and more enjoyable.