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FREE 0003 Checkers Quilt Top Pattern
By srg_rector

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  • 8"x11" through 116"x151"
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Simple to Sew: No angles, curves or diagonal piecing required. Only ONE size of square needed: Square size determines the finished quilt size. Quilt Dimensions: 33 x 43 Squares 14 Quilt Sizes Available: Square Size .25" (Finished Quilt  9" x 11") Through Square Size 3.5" (Finished Quilt 116" x 151") 29 Pages Of Detailed Directions And Illustrations Detailed Square By Square And Row By Row Instructions: each square identified by both color and letter code that matches the container labels. 6 separate pattern/color/shade examples to help you to choose your own fabric colors/shades to get the look you want. 13 Different Fabric Color/Shades Possible Fabric Measurements For Each Color And Quilt Size Printable Labels For Each Row In The Pattern Printable Labels For Each Container for squares
Medium 0115 cover
Medium 0033 cover
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When I was 17 I had a high dive accident that caused mild traumatic brain injury, fibromyalgia, back pain, etc. Over the years, my brain rewired itself to compensate for the damage; I now find it very easy to create artwork in various forms. It is much easier for me to remember a complex geometric figure than it is to remember a paragraph telling a story.    I create art to relax and calm my mind and body.  I have found that while I see the errors in a piece others see only its beauty.  My main outlet for artistic creation is designing patchwork quilt top patterns; I sell the PDF instructions on my website: