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Simply Frames
By PineRose Designs - Eileen Hoheisel

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  • 41" x 20"
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  • Beginner

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This is a simple quilt for a beginner.  You can use pictures from a panel print, a large scale print which you can fussy cut, or just a pretty print.  If you need a quick-to-finish quilt, this could be the one.
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PineRose Designs - Eileen Hoheisel

I've been sewing forever. I used to do mostly clothing for my family, now it's mostly quilting that I sew. Whenever I sewed I would jot down notes, and many times I would change the pattern to my way of doing it. I've been using Electric Quilt software for a number of years, and if I didn't like the instructions, I would draw it up in EQ and do it my way.  I was encouraged to put my instructions into pattern form and publish them. So that's how I started with my patterns.