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By patterna

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  • Fits up to 88cm bust and 69cm waist
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  • Beginner

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Materials Needed

  • Chiffon or Cotton Fabric 1.5m x 1.5m


- Print pattern and arrange pieces making sure each square measures 1inch by 1inch. - Cut up fabric pieces. - Hem the sleeves, neck and bottom. - Sew pieces together. - Gather sleeves to fit your upper arm - Add any details you'd like to modify and make it your own - Enjoy.

As a beginner sewer I was trying to find a piece that I can make myself that was quick and easy to make.

This batwing top looks effortlessly stylish when made out of chiffon. I wear a tank top underneath it and voila. It can also be made out of less see through material such as a light cotton, or warmer material to make a gorgeous winter top.

I made this top by hand using only a needle, thread and scissors. And for the first time I made a piece that not only fit me perfectly but is easy to replicate.

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