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Washable Paris Eiffel Tower Inspired Fabric Brooch Jewelry -make 2 Pins, with removable pin backs
By Kristie Hubler

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  • 2" wide by 1 1/2" high for both pins
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Love Paris, France, the Eiffel Tower, or even Paris Las Vegas resort's shopping boulevard district? Wish you had a fabric brooch that you could toss in the wash, without worrying if the pin back's pointy part would snag on your clothes and things in the wash? This jewelry pin is for you! It has my art, created by me, Kristie Hubler, inspired by Paris, France, Eiffel Tower, and Paris Las Vegas resort's inside shop facades, that you print onto inkjet fabric. Each brooch has 2 finished panels, each with 2 parts, front and back. Front panel, and back panel with 2 holes to hold the pin back mechanism part ends in place. The front and back panel make a pocket for the pin back to slide in and out of. Everything is on the 2nd pages, instructions and pattern parts with art formatted to print onto 1 sheet of inkjet fabric. 4 panels per brooch pin, one for the impressionist version of the art, and 4 panels for the pointillist version of the art. Each brooch has 4 panels: front, back of front and 2 for the back panel, front and back, with dots to hole punch. Just place the brooch pin into a lingerie bag, with the pin back taken out, and wash on permanent press or delicate, cold cycle with what the inkjet fabric manufacturer says for their specific inkjet fabric. And then, while still in the lingerie bag, toss in the dryer on the lowest temp for 15 minutes. Thank you! artist Kristie Hubler, art and pattern design is copyright protected., washable, sewn, fabric picture frames, brooch pins, ornaments, oven mitts, pug and Yorkshire terrier jacket and bellybands, plus the epatterns to make the fabric crafts mentioned, $1, and $5 epatterns available. All art and patterns are copyright protected by Kristie Hubler.
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Kristie Hubler

Hi, Kristie here! I am an artist, and author of "Fabricated Frames: Instructions On Making Fabric Photo Frames" available at and, product designer, inventor, and owner of, where I make, design, and sell, washable, sewn, fabric: picture frames, 6 sizes, custom available jewelry brooch pins, with removable pin backs ornaments for the tree or use as a door hanger house shaped oven mitts, oven gloves pug and Yorkshire terrier jackets and bellybands.

Fabricated Frames washable fabric picture frame sewing pattern and tutorial is featured in Sew It Today magazine, issue 11, August / September 2014 issue, out on newsstands, in Barnes and Noble, AC Moore crafts stores, Joann Fabrics, and anywhere where they sell sewing and crafts magazines, $3.99, on pages 56-59, titled "Framed", featuring Fabric Editions / Fabric Loft "Trapeze" collection, chevron and large medallion.  Their fabric is available in Target - preview the tutorial at and

Plus, I make the pdf epatterns, with or without my art formatted to print onto inkjet fabric, for everything above, and patterns for the dog jackets and bellybands.

Many a time was I asked if I had my products in epattern format, or as patterns, and have sold a nice amount since. Thank you! Kristie